Flexible Space Implementation

Flexible Workplace is a program that adopts a new approach to space use. As work is evolving, the workplace must change to better support the modern workforce. The Flexible Workplace project will bring the office space up-to-date and in line with how staff is utilizing it. Following the initial success of the program, Flexible Workplace implementation in the FF Building has begun in 2017 with floors 2, 6 and 18. By having a variety of workspaces to meet a broad range of needs, staff productivity and satisfaction are expected to improve. Implementing a Flexible Workplace will allow the organization to fully utilize the available workspace. Staff will have access to a wide range of workspace to choose from with tools and technology to enable this flexibility. Flexible Workplace will make it easier to connect and communicate with other colleagues. Hierarchy will feel flatter and different level of colleagues will be more reachable. We secure an open environment with more natural light.

Client: Non-governmental Organisation
Developer: ...
Location: New York, USA