Brancusi Museum and Visitor Center

Location: Targu jiu, Romania

The Brancusi Museum and Visitor Center represents the culmination of an ambitious urban redevelopment and renewal scheme by Mihai Radu Architects near the center of the city. The project centers around the restoration of two public park containing sculptural monuments by Constantin Brancusi: the Endless Column, Table of Silence, and Gate of the Kiss. The construction of the museum and visitor center represents the completion of the first phase of a thirty year development plan for the city of Tirgu Jiu.
Brancusi, born in Hobita, Romania near Tirgu Jiu, was know for his simple yet sophisticated interpretation of the modern world. The Brancusi Museum, as the public’s gathering point for experiencing the park, presents the clean, modern aesthetic found in his sculptures and installations. The museum’s design embraces the complex sense of proportion and materiality reflected in Brancusi’s work.
The museum and visitor center consists of an auditorium, exhibit spaces, book store, information center, small cafeteria-restaurant and all the necessary support spaces. The goal of the new center is to enhance a visitor's understanding of Brancusi's genius in the context of Targu Jiu. The design will incorporate some of artist's trademark elements, such as proportions, powerful volumes or specific materials.
The center will also provide visitors with an opportunity to learn about the construction of the ensemble and to contemplate the Endless Column from a new perspective. It will also serve as an exhibition space for new artists inspired by Brancusi's work.

Client: The Government of Romania