Business Forum Piteşti

Business Forum Piteşti "- office and multifunctional spaces, 3S + GF + 10, is located on I.C. Bratianu, close to the city center, with an easy connection to the A1 motorway.
SC Fast Finance Finder SRL, co-financed by European funds, started the construction of three buildings of class A + with an area of 21 273,92 sqm. This sums up office-specific functions and public spaces for large socio-professional categories. The current floor consists of a series of independent spaces, accessible from a longitudinal circulation, the tenants being able to opt for one or more modules, the minimum rent surface starting from 24mp. Each module is provided with a bathroom and an office, counting the utilities separately. The overall objective of the project was to provide the necessary conditions for the development of the activity of companies and small or big companies at European standards.
The assembly includes an underground car park (207 seats), office space, public catering area and multifunctional spaces for exposure, trade or services. In B, on floors 2 and 3, there is a physical maintenance center for squash, fitness, swimming and sauna enthusiasts. On the terrace there is a sports court, for tennis or minifootball.
The three bodies are connected, functionally, through the common basement and at the upper part by the connecting bridge.
The functional differentiation of the spaces is expressed in the facades, the body A, the main part of the volumetric composition, being treated differently by the bodies B and C. The façade concept started from the modular plan, the repetitive chromatic elements being a reference to Paul Klee's creations. The side faces of the body A are plated with textured fibro-etched panels in the longitudinal direction, highlighted by the stereotomy chosen. On the 1st floor level, a glazed horizontal register, provided with metallic brick-soles and flanked by a volumetric and chromatic accentuated frame, connects the body A to the body C on the side of Bucharest.
The space delimited by the three bodies is a recreation area for the Business Center occupants.

Authors / coauthors:
Arch. Mihai Radu, arch. Codruţa Cotârlea, arch. Paul Lupu, arch. Oana Crişan, arch. Matei Deneş, arch. Raluca Ignat

Architecture office:
Mihai Radu Architects PLLC / SC Lauster & Radu Architects S.R.L.

S.C. Loridan Softing S.R. IT.
Structure: S.C. Cross Structural Design S.R.L.
Pilot enclosure: S.C. D.G.A. Construct Team S.R.L.

SC Roinstar S.R.L.
SC Europroiect & Consult Company S.R.L.
SC M & E Consulting S.R.L.
SC Agrom S.R.L.