Mihai Radu Architects PLLC and Lauster & Radu Architects PC, founded in 1983, serve clients through design, planning, construction, and real estate development. In the course of practice, we have developed a number of specialties, with a strong focus on creating the highest quality architectural solutions for our clients' needs.

The Firm

The firm currently has offices in New York, Bucharest, and Germany. All offices are fully digital in operations, including: CAD, 3-D imaging, database, scheduling, and internet operations. Because digital information can be transformed to multiple uses, we have the ability to extend our services beyond basic design into development, construction management, and planning. By extending our reach, we can exert greater control over projects and thereby increase coordination and quality.


Our architectural work includes commercial, residential, institutional, urban planning, and restoration projects. We have built hundreds of thousands of square feet of renovated office space in New York, Boston, and Washington, D.C. Our office renovations utilize the latest in information technology, energy conservation, and work flow analysis. Beyond North America, we have also designed and built office buildings in Europe and in Africa.

We have created new houses in the Hamptons and in the Hudson Valley, renovated apartments on 5th Avenue and on Park Avenue and in all cases, provided our clients with solid, well-designed homes fitting their lifestyle. We have also designed master plans for large housing developments in Europe.


Mihai Radu's Profile

Mihai Radu immigrated to the United States from Romania in the early eighties. He left his home and family, interrupting his university education, at the early age of 21 in order to freely express his ideas and practice the profession he embraced from an early age -- Architecture and Design.
While still completing his Architecture studies at Pratt Institute, Mihai joined the prestigious I.M.Pei and Partners, where he spent seven years working on projects such as the Javitz Center in New York and Le Louvre Museum in Paris. Next, he joined Swanke Hayden Connell as an Associate Partner and led design teams on projects such as the Spitalfield Market Development and the New York Law School Library. He returned to Paris in 1990 as a Senior Designer, associated with Richard Meier Architects, to direct the completion of the Canal Project, a complex building for the largest private TV station in Europe.
Mihai's design credo incorporates sophisticated simplicity, complemented by a keen sense of understanding of the complexities involved in the creations of humane spaces. Having an all-encompassing practice has been one of Mihai's priorities from the beginning because of his deep belief in the fact that creativity is always stimulated by diversity and complexity.
Mihai Radu's projects have won many awards and have received recognition in a number of publications. Some of the recent awards are Europa Nostra, Willo von Moltke Honor Award, and his work has been published in Architecture Magazine, Blueprint Magazine, New York Times and others.
Mihai is also an advisory board member of the Low Income Housing Fund, Pro Patrimonio Foundation and Infinity Foundation. He is also a professor of architecture and interior design at the School of Visual Art in New York.



"No matter how small or large a job, they completed it with enthusiasm and the highest level of professional care. I would strongly recommend Mihai Radu Architects to any organization that seeks responsible job administration and sound architecture."
Florin M. Ionescu, Senior Project Coordination Officer, United Nations

"I cannot say enough about the dedication of your firm’s staff to support these goals and the results speak for themselves."
Chris Galassini, Director of Facilities, Dow Jones

"Mr. Radu, who has extensive experience in the field, has performed with exceptional professionalism and insight."
Thomas A. Blinkhorn, Senior Advisor for Europe, World Bank

"They took responsibility for meeting budget limitations and ensuring that jobs came in on schedule. They also created environments that improved the working lives of our staff."
Bruce Raynor, President, UNITE!

"We are please to recommend them most highly."
Michael Lloyd, President, Baneasa Development